Don Robinson reconfirmed

Tax Delinquent Don Robinson unanimously re-confirmed as Chairman of CRA

Don Robinson

Don Robinson

1/2 /10 –  In a move that can only be viewed as the ultimate insult to every Banning taxpayer , the City Council (CRA) on Dec. 8, 2009 unanimously reelected tax delinquent Don Robinson as chairman of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for yet another year.  Several weeks before this vote was taken, the Banning Informer had exposed Don Robinson as not paying his fair share of taxes ; at that time the Riverside County tax assessor showed Robinson delinquent with well over $ 20,000   in property taxes.

Today, as of the date of this article , the Riverside Tax Assessor’s office shows Don Robinson continues to owe a whopping $ 21,608.94 (view), with delinquencies going back as far as 2005 . Once again, we have a confirmed tax delinquent official presiding over a public agency who’s primary purpose is to distribute exactly those tax dollars that he fails to pay. Could it be more clear that our elected officials do not care to do the right thing anymore ?


All City Council members  voted unanimously in favor Robinson to be re-confirmed. The vote for Robinson was  taken without any discussion whatsoever ; the public was not allowed to comment.  Clearly, this was a “done deal” going in ; it goes to show the kind of “horse trading” that is going on between all City Council members. Even for those in doubt, this vote makes it clear that “deals” are being struck behind the scenes.

Could it be more clear that ALL members of the City Council are in bed together ?


This is not only a slap in the face of each and every taxpayer but it also goes to show the mindset of the Banning City Council who apparently thinks they no longer need to be accountable to the public.  How can it possibly be in the public’s best interest to have a confirmed tax dodger presiding over the distribution of  tax money ? Can it get anymore immoral, anymore insane than this ?  Is this really happening right here in the United States of America ?

Unaccountability,  lawlessness and “in your face” arrogance can usually only be found in a Banana Republic. But what is the difference between the way things are done in Banning when compared to an outright dictatorship ?

This latest vote could not more clearly illustrate the City Council’s total disrespect for the taxpayer and the self-serving hypocrisy that is prevalent among all five City Council members. We truly have the worst City Council imaginable. If they saw this, our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves  ……


To view video of the CRA’s entire session of Dec 8, 09  click here (vote takes place at the 2 min. mark)