Open Mike Catches Councilman Welch’s Attitude Towards Constituents


9/5/15 – At the Council meeting of August 25, following a heated debate about the infamous Probation Department Project for downtown Banning, an open mike has recorded Councilman Art Welch’s real feelings about democratic discourse, and about those who don’t agree with him.




What led up to Councilman Welch’s disrespectful remarks were the many speakers who came out to discourage the Council form proceeding with the Probation Project. It seemed to clearly bother Welch that not a single speaker spoke in favor of the plan.

Please listen to what the speakers had to say :





With Councilman Don Peterson having to recuse himself because he owns property near the project, Councilman Ed Miller is the only remaining member that is opposed to the project.

In the following video Ed Miller lays out his concerns with the Probation Department Project. This is one of the most passionate and captivating speeches given by a Council member in recent memory:




During the recent session, Council member Art Welch even went out of his way as to create a brand new word – just for Banning: ” Negatism”.

No matter what dictionary one tries to consult, “Negatism” is not referenced anywhere. It only seems to exist in the mind of Art Welch. “Negatism” is what the self proclaimed “good-ole-boy” now cites as being the primary agenda of his critics.

But is it really “Negatism” that is to blame? Anyone who has ever encountered Art Welch will likely have picked up on the strong smell of alcohol that surrounds him.

drunkmathWhatever Art Welch does and wherever he goes, “Vodka Tonic” is never far away. Welch’s bloodshot eyes and slurred speech serve as living testimony of what appears to be a chronic form of alcoholism. During Council sessions, Welch oftentimes even appears to fall into a daze, with the Mayor having to call upon him repeatedly.

So, please listen carefully to the following video: Mr. Vodka Tonic not only talks about “Negatism”. At the 3min:15sec mark, he even does the math : Welch makes the point that a 400 % increase in crime, as recently reported by Police Chief Diaz, is NOT of concern!

His compelling reason : 400% of 10 “is still 4”!    – WOW !

Here we go :




When our leaders are so drunk that they cannot even do simple 3rd grade math, are no longer in command of the English language and even openly resort to insulting their constituents, maybe it’s time to ask them to step down.

Good-ole-boy Art Welch seems to breathe way too much of his own Vodka Tonic fumes. This pathetic drunk is not only an embarrassment to himself, but also to our entire City, and even more so to State Senator Mike Morrell, who Welch represents in Banning – at great cost to the taxpayer.

For how much longer will Banning citizens put up with such a sorry excuse for a public servant?


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