Don Robinson delinquent

11/4/2009 – Councilman Don Robinson delinquent on over $ 20,000 in taxes

Don Robinson

Don Robinson

He portrays himself as a responsible and honest businessman claiming to be qualified to sit on the City Council.  As current Chairman of the Banning Redevelopment Agency Don Robinson decides how Millions of taxpayer dollars  are being spent. Yet a look at the tax roll reveals that he has not paid his own property taxes since 2005.

Don Robinson owns and operates Renaissance Pet Resort & Spa on 1346 E. Ramsey Street in Banning. He is currently delinquent on property taxes in the amount of  $ 20,475.96  (see tax assessor’s information).

For 4 years straight he has not paid a dime in property taxes on this property. This level of delinquency shows a total disregard for the law and is a slap in the face of every taxpayer that works hard to pay the taxes that Robinson decides to spend as Chairman of the Banning Redevelopment Agency.

As an elected official shouldn’t Robinson be an example that every citizen can look up to ? What does this delinquency say about Robinson’s ethics as a City Councilman ? Should we have someone like him in office distributing millions of dollars in tax money while he decides not to pay his taxes for years on end ?

Incidentally, this is not the first time that Robinson defaulted on his obligations to pay : Riverside Superior Court documents reveal that he had default judgments entered against him on two occasions for breach of contracts  (default judgment for $ 4,500 in 2003, (case # BAS003667), and  $ 8,914.50 in 2004 , (case # BAC006425).

In light of the above facts Robinson should either pay his taxes without delay or should resign from his position on the City Council and as Chairman of the Banning Redevelopment Agency.