Dr. Evil and “Mini Me”

The strangely identical voting records of Bob Botts ( Dr. Evil )  and Don Robinson  ( “Mini Me” )

Bob Botts - "Dr. Evil"

Bob Botts -"DR. EVIL"

11/5/09 – In this article we will examine the  strangely identical voting records of Bob Botts and Don Robinson on the Banning City Council. In 2009, the Council voted a total of 89 times Not a single time was Robinson’s vote  different from that of Botts (see voting documentation with hand written annotations provided by City Clerk). For this to happen by coincidence on 89 different voting subjects  hardly seems realistic and raises questions about their relationship, maybe even that of collusion.

Don Robinson - " MINI ME "

Don Robinson " MINI ME "

In public meetings Robinson rarely engages in any discussion about issues that are before the Council. Instead, he just sits there, says nothing and casts his votes. Robinson’s decision process is anything but transparent and after he votes nobody really has a clue why he  voted the way he did.

Could it be that Bob Botts controls Robinson’s vote, tells him how to vote ?  If you voted for Robinson, did you – in reality – vote for  Botts ? For some reason, doesn’t their relationship resemble that of Dr. Evil and Mini Me ?