SHOCKING new evidence on alleged 2009 Demario Jackson assault

SHOCKING new evidence on alleged 2009 Demario Jackson assault


So-called "businessman" Demario Jackson : accused of murder and brutal assault

8/13/11 – Pending murder charges are not the only accusations made against so-called “businessman” Demario Jackson. Ignacio Reyes says he as well was victimized when Demario Jackson assaulted him in December of 2009  in Banning. Witnesses have come forward and have told us that then-Mayor Bob Botts witnessed the entire incident, however, Botts has failed to report what he saw to police.

The assault allegedly took place in front of the Hendon building, 68 N. First St., Banning

As we had reported in our previous article, the notoriously corrupt Banning City Council loaned over $ 500,000 to 22 year old Demario Jackson, even though he had no experience whatsoever and no formal education ( see previous article).

In 2007 Ignacio Reyes had sold the Hendon building to Demario Jackson for  $ 1,700,000. Jackson made a down payment of  $ 70,000 in cash and issued a promissory note to Reyes for the rest. Through this transaction Reyes effectively became Jackson’s lender on the Hendon building. According to Reyes, beginning in 2008, Jackson  bounced 3 or 4 checks to Reyes  ( written for monthly payments of $ 4,000 each) and instead offered Reyes a machine gun in lieu of payment. Reyes claims Jackson also failed to pay property taxes. It was when Reyes subsequently sued Jackson for fraud and began foreclosure proceedings, that Jackson allegedly assaulted Reyes.



Demario Jackson has been charged with the murder of Beaumont resident Andy Albarran, 46, on July 16, 2011. Jackson  has since entered a “not guilty” plea. Furthermore, Jackson  is accused by Ignacio Reyes of assaulting him on the public sidewalk in front of the Hendon building, 68 N. First St., Banning on December 2nd, 2009.

Reyes says he was choked, kicked and beaten severely by Jackson, and that Jackson kept kicking and beating him while he was laying on the ground. Reyes says his hospital bill amounted to close to $ 10,000.

This is what Ignacio Reyes looked like after the alleged assault by Demario Jackson :

Victim Ignacio Reyes after the alleged assault by Demario Jackson



In a phone interview of August 12, 2011, Julie Reedy, CEO of Bannings’s Happy Faces Agency, confirmed that she witnessed the incident.

Happy Faces Agency – at that time – was a tenant in the Hendon Building. According to CEO Julie Reedy, she and then-Mayor Bob Botts were standing outside on the sidewalk when a fight broke out at the other end of the building.

Reedy says that she saw a black man approaching a hispanic man and the two briefly talked. Subsequently the black man attacked the hispanic man and hit him to the ground and then continued to hit and kick him while he was on the ground. Shortly thereafter police arrived and arrested Demario Jackson for assault ( see police report).  The District Attorney, however, dropped charges in the case.

Reedy says that at the time she did not know the identity of  the two individuals involved, but that she today knows that the black man was Demario Jackson and the hispanic man was Ignacio Reyes.



Ex Mayor Bob Botts' cowardly behavior seems to suggest that he is not concerned about stopping crime

Testimony of both Julie Reedy and Ignacio Reyes places Mayor Bob Botts at the scene of the incident. Both Reedy and Reyes – independently of each other –  state that Botts witnessed what happened.

As an elected official and Mayor of Banning, Bob Botts was bound by his oath of office to report such an incident to authorities.  He had absolutely no discretion to do otherwise. Botts had a clear obligation to uphold the law and was required to make a report to Banning Police. Yet he never did –  if he  failed to report what he allegedly saw, Botts clearly broke the law.

Did Botts try to cover up the incident for political reasons ? After all, the City had just given Jackson over $ 500,000 just a year earlier. We tried to get Botts’ side of the story, but he never returned our repeated phone calls and once even hung up on us. What does that tell us ?

Botts’ cowardly behavior seems to suggest that he does not stand up for what is right. Even as Mayor of Banning  he does not seem to be concerned about stopping crime.  It is likely because of Bob Botts that this alleged brutal crime has since gone unpunished.

If Banning’s own Mayor will not help stop crime, then who will ?



Ignacio Reyes on the day of our interview, August 11, 2011

Don’t be fooled by the corrupt local media telling you that Demario Jackson was a “businessman”. He was not ! He had no education and no experience in business whatsoever. Just because he was given over $ 500,000 by a corrupt Banning City Council at 22 years old,  that doesn’t make him a “business man”.  Jackson is nothing more than an accused murderer and alleged brutal assailant.

Ex-Mayor and current City Council member Bob Botts apparently has his own agenda when it comes to his “developer” poster boy, Demario Jackson. So does the rest of the Banning City Council, who  aided and abetted now accused murder/assailant Demario Jackson when they gave him over $ 500,000 in taxpayer funds, no questions asked. 


Banning City Council members BARBARA HANNA, JOHN MACHISIC, DEBBIE FRANKLIN AND BRENDA SALAS all are to blame for the Demario Jackson scandal.

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