Blatant Lies and Measure “D”

EDITORIAL : Blatant Lies and Measure “D”

by Lyndon Taylor

Lyndon Taylor


4/7/12 – The current political propaganda associated with Measure “D” states that “Measure “D” won’t increase Your Taxes”!  This is an outrageous lie!

The current taxpayer funding for the hospital sunsets on June 30, 2012; after that time, there is no additional taxpayer obligation.

The statement of the San Gorgonio Hospital makes the declaration, “This is not a new tax”, which is obviously not true, were it not a new tax, there would be no need for this ballot measure.

Read the Measure “D” description, it clearly states that this in an “Ordinance Establishing Special Parcel Tax for Emergency Health Care Services”. Note the word “ESTABLISHING” – that means it is creating (starting) a new special Parcel Tax! If you are establishing a special parcel tax you are adding a new tax! Passage of the measure will establish a NEW TAX!

Further clouding this issue, it seems the Registrar of Voters is supporting this measure, as she has permitted taxpayer funds to pay for the mailing of a cover letter, on Hospital letterhead, advocating the passage of this measure.

The issue here is not whether or not the hospital funding is or isn’t a good idea; the issue is one of honesty in a political campaign and the apparent misuse of taxpayer funds by the Registrar of Voters to advocate a political position.

Whether or not you are in support of this measure, the means through which the Hospital and the Registrar of Voters have chosen to attempt passage of the measure calls into serious question the integrity of this elective process.

Until vital questions are answered, there is little choice but to vote “NO” on this measure.


Lyndon Taylor is a Sun Lakes resident and former City Council candidate. In 2009 he was a driving force in Banning’s successful “Anti-Sludge” petition drive.

Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology with a minor in Chemistry ,a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Planning and Management.


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