“Downtown Revitalization”

“Downtown Revitalization” efforts fail to attract any new businesses

After receiving over $ 700,000.00 in Redevelopment Funding from the City of Banning , Cultural Alliance Executive Director Carol Newkirk is forced to admit that the  Alliance’  activities have failed to attract even a single new business to  Banning.

More and more citizens of Banning are getting fed up with the blatant unaccountability of the Banning Cultural Alliance and with the City Council which keeps funding them without oversight. After having received over $ 700,000 in public funding in  just 3 short years, the Alliance tries to get their hands into very aspect of City politics by acting as an unelected “shadow government” that will not answer to the public. Watch Banning resident Dorothy McLean set the record straight :


Note : In her speech, Dorothy McLean refers to items contained in the recent Banning Cultural Alliance audit which can be found here .