Banning Bizarre: Attack of the Zombie Voters


10/6/14 – Things are heating up – with the elections near, proponents of the Debbie Franklin/ George Moyer camp have started a new Facebook page they call “Save Our Pass”. Their motto : “We need to stop negative campaign attacks in Banning & Beaumont”. Surprisingly, upon closer examination, even real zombies appear out of nowhere to join in on the discussion.



SaveOurPassThe site was created less than a week ago, on September 30, in response to two mail pieces that attacked the integrity of Mayor Debbie Franklin and City council candidate George Moyer, along with a third piece that exposed the rather shady backgrounds of Water Board candidates James C.“Jim”Smith and Gail Paparian.

It is noteworthy that, despite giving it their best efforts, none of the posters on “Save Our Pass” have been able to disprove any of the documented facts cited in the three mail pieces.

Rather, their postings focus on the cost of the pieces and the fact that they were largely, yet not fully, financed by 60-year Banning landowner, Lloyd Fields. Fields, they say, is a “developer”. However, none of the posters could come up with even a single project Fields allegedly has “developed” – because there are none.

The same posters also accuse Fields of wanting to “destroy Banning” – a rather bizarre claim they have yet to substantiate with hard evidence. Given the fact that Fields owns over $ 15M worth of real estate in Banning, how would destroying his own property value make him money? Emotions, not common sense, seem to rule the day in the Franklin/Moyer camp on “Save Our Pass”.



Gary Zuelsdorf's Facebook photo

Gary Zuelsdorf’s official Facebook photo

So what is actually posted on “Save Our Pass” ?  Let’s take, for example, the posts of Gary Zuelsdorf.

Now, this is probably sheer “coincidence”, but Zuelsdorf happens to be the father-in-law of former Mayor Don Robinson. Robinson, who has a strong allegiance with the Franklin/Moyer camp, was mentioned in one of the recent mail pieces due to his connection to Water Board “Sludge Queen” Gail Paparian. Having said this, let’s look at his posts.

First off, Zuelsdorf repeatedly “likes” what others have to say on “Save Our Pass” :



On October 1st, Zuelsdorf directly attacks Council member Don Peterson :




Finally, true to the official Franklin/Moyer “party line”, Zuelsdorf  expresses his profound dislike for Pastor Jerry Westholder. He accuses Westholder of not being an “upstanding Christian” and goes on to remind him that “thou shall not bear false witness”. 

Don’t believe it ? – here it is :






There is, however, just an ever so slight problem with Mr. Zuelsdorf’s multiple posts. According to an obituary in the Record Gazette (view), Gary Zuelsdorf died 4 month ago, on June 3, 2014 :




Is there WIFI after death ? This question has never been answered conclusively. However, some coffin manufacturers have allowed for this possibility, with Apple recently introducing it’s all new “I-Casket” :



Maybe Zuelsdorf’s son-in-law, Don Robinson, or his daughter Katryn can enlighten the citizens of Banning on exactly how Mr. Zuelsdorf was able to successfully surf the internet “postmortem”. Another question begging for an answer : why are his postings 100% in line with those of Katryn and Don Robinson ?

voteZombieGiven his level of “connectivity”, will Mr. Zuelsdorf also be able to fill out his absentee ballot from “beyond” ?

We will have to check with the Registrar of Voters after November 4. Stay tuned !



Supporters of Franklin/Moyer, along with Smith/Paparian appear rather desperate. So desperate, they apparently need to invoke the support of zombies to do their bidding.

As evidence of their popularity, the group points to having gained over 200 Facebook “likes” in just one week. Such “likes”, however, mean very little, since they can be easily purchased on the internet for next to nothing ( see ).

The more important question is: how many more fake identities are among the posters on ‘Save Our Pass” ?  We may never know. What we do know, however, is that the credibility of their posters seems questionable at best.

Since we expect for the posts of “Gary Zuelsdorf ” to have disappeared by the time you read this, we have saved them for you here.



You know you must be in Banning, when supporters of Debbie Franklin, George Moyer, James C. “Jim” Smith and Gail Paparian have to resort to dead people to do their bidding. The foregoing serves as a reminder as to what extent Banning’s “club” will go, in order to secure power for themselves.

The bizarre appearance of a dead zombie poster indicates that no deception is too great for the Franklin/Moyer group.

Maybe with Halloween just around the corner, Mr. Zuelsdorf will decide to keep on posting for just a little bit longer. In case he is still creeping around Banning, let’s hope he won’t accidentally step on Gail Paparian’s oxygen tubes – or else she may not make it to the elections.



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