NEWSFLASH: Mayor Art Welch’s Campaign Funding Followed Same Pattern As Corrupt Moyer + Franklin


Update (4)2/16/16 – Campaign filings for Mayor Art Welch just received by the Banning Informer, now indicate that Welch’s campaign funding follows an almost identical pattern to that of his corrupt colleagues,  councilmembers George Moyer and Debbie Franklin.


Mayor Art Welch received $ 500 from source related to developer

Mayor Art Welch too received money from source affiliated with developer

The recently discovered filings indicate that Art Welch also received Leggio-related donations during his 2012 campaign.

In particular the filing shows a $ 500 donation by a “Christen Leggio” of “CSM&C Expansion LLC”, made on September 14, 2012. The donor’s address is identical to the business location of “Mark Christopher Auto”, a Leggio affiliated business in Ontario, CA.

With this latest discovery it can now be confirmed that Leggio-related donations were received by all 3 council members prior to casting a “yes” vote on the recent Diversified Pacific 98-lot housing project .

A quick recap: Nolan Leggio is the assistant planner for the project’s developer Diversified Pacific. His father Chris has been listed as a member of Diversified Pacific’s Finance Committee. Nolan’s uncle Mark Leggio (Chris’ brother) was convicted of criminal campaign money laundering in 2009 and received a 180 day jail sentence. The laundered money was used to fund former Banning Mayor Brenda Salas Freeman.


Art Welch was by far the cheapest. His vote could be bought for just $500 – the lowest price tag of the three. Debbie Franklin’s “yes” vote was a little more expensive, it cost $ 750.

The dirty Trio: price tags for the "yes" votes differed

The dirty Trio: all 3 were bought, but the price tags differed

Apparently none of this was good enough for corrupt George Moyer. He had by far the highest price tag of the three : it took $2,250 to convince him to vote “yes”.

We now have clear evidence that campaign donations resulted in compromised votes of all 3 Banning City councilmembers.




Details of the campaign financing of all three councilmembers can be found here :

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Councilmember Debbie Franklin – click here


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