Open Mike Catches Mayor Welch’s Derogatory Comment About Grand Jury Probe


5/14/16 – Caught again by an open mike for the second time in a row, Mayor Art “Vodka-Tonic” Welch has expressed his true feelings about the council’s discussion of the latest Grand Jury report.

During public session of May 10, Welch stated to Mayor Pro Tem George Moyer: “there’s a bunch of bullshit up here”. Moyer did not object.



Art Welch

Caught again by open mike, talking trash : Mayor Art Welch

The comments by Art Welch were made after councilman Don Peterson explained why he made his complaint to the Grand Jury. In this context Peterson accused Welch of suppressing the timely release of the Grand Jury report (click here to view) to his fellow councilmembers.

Peterson further accused Welch, Moyer and Franklin of attempting to forgive the chamber utility debt by not enforcing its payment for two years.

When at this point in the session Welch asked for public comment,  George Moyer indicated his intention to speak as well.


An open mike caught the following exchange:

MOYER:  “Let them com(ment)… let them talk, but I’m …. I’m just sitting here patient.”

WELCH: “My patience are gone …..there’s a bunch of bullshit up here!”



The comments made by Mayor Art Welch are nothing short of a slap in the face of the Grand Jury, his fellow council members and every citizen of Banning.



Ignored countless complaints about his aide Art Welch: State Senator Mike Morrell

Ignored countless complaints about his aide Art Welch: State Senator Mike Morrell

Art Welch is not only the Mayor of Banning; he is also a paid aide to State Senator Mike Morrell. Welch represents Senator Morrell in Banning at the expense of the taxpayer.

After Welch made derogatory comments about his constituents for the first time several months ago (“good, they’re all leaving” – watch video here), many concerned citizens wrote Senator Morrell complaining about his aide’s disrespectful conduct. Even more complaints were directed at Morrell when Welch retaliated against Planning Commissioner Ellis, after Ellis had publicly criticized Welch for his notorious alcoholism (view story here).

Senator Morrell has yet to respond to any of the complaints he has received about his aide Art Welch. Instead of firing Welch on the spot, Morrell, who is up for re-election,  continues to keep Welch on staff and recently even held a campaign event at Welch’s Banning home.

Senator Morrell’s lack of action speaks volumes about his accountability. Therefore, whoever votes for Senator Mike Morrell will continue to get exactly what they ask for : an arrogant drunkard named Art Welch as Morrell’s local representative!



Remained silent after witnessing Welch's unethical conduct: Mayor Pro Tem George Moyer

Silent after witnessing Welch’s ourageous conduct: Mayor Pro Tem George Moyer

There can no doubt that the comments made by Mayor Art Welch are unbecoming of an elected official. The video shows that Moyer was clearly engaged in a sidebar with Welch, and did hear what Welch said. Yet Moyer remained silent.

As the Mayor Pro Tem, Moyer had an obligation to call out Welch on his comment, therewith ensuring that the ethical standards applicable to all councilmembers are maintained.

But given the shape-shifting narcissist George Moyer is known to be, who would actually expect him to do what’s right for the people of Banning ?  There is no surprise here.

After all, protecting the good-old-boys has always been the name of George Moyer’s game.




The outrageous, unethical trash talk by Mayor Art Welch should lead to his immediate resignation.

Don’t the citizens of Banning deserve better than to be lead by a low class, arrogant drunk?


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