Disagree with City Hall ? – Record Gazette Writer Privately Labels You A “Rat” !


"Rats" - this his how Record Gaztte writer privately refers to anyone daring ti criticize City Government

“Rats” – this his how Record Gazette writer Gail Paparian privately refers to anyone daring to criticize City Government

1/20/17 – Leaked emails from the email account of controversial City manager Michael Rock show what Record Gazette columnist Gail Paparian really thinks of anyone who dares to criticize City Hall : “Rats”.

The emails show that Paparian, a Sun Lakes resident, seems extremely cozy with City manager Rock. One could even argue that the duo is in bed together, which would make their relationship appear even more troubling.

Instead of asking tough questions, the emails leave the impression of Paparian’s having an agenda of unconditionally protecting Rock – no matter what it takes.




“I’ve seen these rats in operation for a long time” is Paparian’s comment on criticism brought forward by councilman Don Peterson, who’s points of view are usually shared by many of his constituents. The comment refers to a council session held on March 22, 2016, in which Peterson grilled Rock over a controversial City contract with a new law firm.





City Manager Michael Rock did NOT object to Paparian's emailed Rat" comments.

City Manager Michael Rock

Any reasonable City manager would have made it a point to record an objection to Paparian’s “Rat” comment, so as to appear impartial. After all, unlike Gail Paparian, a City manager is supposed to serve ALL citizens, not just a few.

But Michael Rock did not do so – which may indicate that he feels similarly about those who dare criticize him – “Rats”.

In the same email string, Gail Paparian further shows her willingness to compromise her journalistic integrity by trying to suck up to Rock, telling him he took an “unfair beating” that night, a comment for which Rock subsequently thanks her.




In an earlier email, Paparian shamelessly admits to the City manager that she is “available to rent”.






Record Gazette writer Gail Paparian : Banning’s  media rental whore

This is a rather shocking admission by a writer of Banning’s Record Gazette. It appears to confirm what many Banning residents have suspected all along about Gail Paparian : we are dealing with a compromised, self-proclaimed “journalist” , who just unmasked herself as a sleazy political hack, displaying no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

Being admittedly for “rent” reduces Paparian to nothing more than a bought-and-paid-for media rental whore, who appears to be willing to write anything, as long as it is beneficial to her paying clients .

Unfortunately for the citizens of Banning, neither the Record Gazette nor Gail Paparian find it necessary to disclose just who her “renters” are. May we guess that powerful developers make her list?


P1010040What does this all say about Gail Paparian?

Moreover, what does this say about the integrity of the Record Gazette which publishes her? 




Other leaked emails appear to indicate that Paparian’s constant praise of the City manager may however be rooted in ulterior motives: from her email of March 4, 2016 to Michael Rock, it appears Paparian is trying to land a lucrative City job or contract(s), as she points out that she once worked as the City’s (paid) “communications director” and now would like to “participate” in similar ways.




In yet another exchange Paparian makes it clear to Rock that he should consider using her proprietary “marketing plan” for Banning – a plan she claims she developed in collaboration with renowned Banning con-artist Jim Smith.

This is the same Jim Smith who currently owes the City over $ 100,000, has hundreds of thousand of dollars in default judgments and tax liens against him, and has been accused of defrauding Carol’s Kitchen, a local charity, to the tune of $ 15,000 (for details click here to read previous story).


Marketing Plan


Paparian points out that she, via her DBA “Writing Solutions”,  reserves her “intellectual property” rights, which suggests that she expects to get paid for her “plan” should the City implement it.

What a great plan those two must have developed ! Hold on to your wallets, folks!



To any reasonable observer the leaked emails provide evidence of the fact that collusion between government and the Press is by no means limited to Washington, DC . The evidence suggests that even in a small town like Banning there are paid key operatives who’s sole mission it is to vigorously protect powerful special interests.

Gail Paparian, this sleazy gatekeeper of everything that is corrupt in Banning, has finally unmasked herself. She is a corrosive force, that, if not eradicated, will foster even more corruption and decay in this troubled City.

How much longer will this oxygen sniffing Sun Lakes elitist be allowed to insult honorable, hard working Banning citizens ?  



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