What’s Wrong with Record Gazette’s Gail Paparian? Mentally ill? Oxygen Starved? Under The Influence?


6/23/17 – Gail Paparian, the Record Gazette’s twisted “columnist” who in the past had insulted Banning residents as “rats”, just released another rant which is as incoherent as it is bizarre (view here). Fasten your seat belts as we wander off into Paparian’s demented parallel universe – one sentence at the time.

Caught creating Fake News : Record Gazette writer Gail Paparian

Record Gazette “columnist” Gail Paparian

When it comes to applying twisted logic, Paparian’s latest article definitely takes the cake.


Paparian starts off her latest article, published on June 22, 2017, with the following :

“Items of interest to me. I then watch the meeting to see how the issue is resolved.”

Say what ? What kind of sentence is :”Items of interest to me (period)” ? And what “issue” would she like to see “resolved” ? ‘ Is “the meeting” she is referring to the Council meeting?  Banning – or Beaumont?

We have no idea – and apparently neither does she. Just how bizarre is this intro ?!




Completely random, and out of context, Paparian states that :

“all council members, even former ones, should know what is allowed to be heard under closed session : 1. Personnel matters, 2. Property negotiations, 3. pending litigation”.

PaparianLostMarblesAgreed. And therefore? Please tell us, what law was violated here, Gail Paparian ? The answer is : NONE ! So it shouldn’t surprise us that Paparian can’t come up with any wrongdoing either. So why admonish the council members anyway? That’s what you call “logic Paparian Style”.

Her rant is completely incoherent – it defies logic. It is at this point, that it begins to look like Gail Paparian may have lost her marbles.



As the article continues, the reader becomes increasingly exposed to what is best labeled as “Paparianese” – Gail Paparian’s proprietary derivative of the English language:

“Mr. Matt Morris, Mr. Peterson’s attorney(period). His paragraph said: …..”

Could this twisted statement be translated into : “Mr. Matt Morris is Mr. Peterson’s attorney. In the (second) paragraph of his letter to the City he said : …..”   ???.

God only knows ….

Another bewildering example can be found here :

“This time the action was reported out that the city I have not attended the “live” council meetings in quite a while”.

Say what? Was this possibly written under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Is Gail Paparian now following into the footsteps of Art “Vodka-Tonic” Welch? You be the judge. You can’t make this stuff up !



Paparian then goes on to discuss the response times mandated under the Public Records Act. Her conclusion:

“Anyway, under this law, the applicant comes.”

Say what? Really? We weren’t aware of that. But how nice for Don Peterson , or anyone else who requests public records. Sounds like a dream come true. This should encourage more Record Request in the future ! LOL !

And by the way, those are NOT “applicants” (who can be denied), but requestors, who all hold a vested (i.e. undeniable) right to any and all non-exempt records.



Paparian goes on to discuss former councilman Ed Miller’s recent statement accusing her of distorting the facts, specifically by having omitted information about the the city council having investigated City manager Michael Rock and found him to have behaved inappropriately and in an unacceptable matter.

Gail Paparian’s response :

“When, if ever would the public receive this information?”

Well, if Paparian would have followed her own advice, and watched city council meetings on TV, she would have seen Mayor George Moyer make the following statement in open session :



Paparin portable oxygenYes, Gail Paparian, this is how the public would know about Michael Rock’s inappropriate conduct. From watching the council meetings on TV. The ones she tells everyone to watch, but being the hypocrite that she is, apparently fails to watch herself.

Unless. of course, she confused Banning’s council meetings with Beaumont’s? Anything is possible when you are such a twisted “columnist” drama queen, isn’t it?

Or could it be that the loud noise of her oxygen compressor overshadowed the audio on this particular broadcast? That would be the perfect excuse when you sniff oxygen to hang on for dear life.



Having read her latest article, one can only conclude that Gail Paparian is incapable of forming simple sentences or applying equally simple logic. Besides, she has shown that she has no clue of what is really happening in Banning. What an embarrassment for our City and for its only paper, the Record Gazette.

One cannot help but wonder: Has Gail Paparian lost her marbles ? Does she write under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Is her brain oxygen-starved? Something definitely seems amiss.

One thing, however, is for certain: the credibility of Banning’s Record Gazette is fast approaching zero.


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