Banning’s biggest fraud : Don Robinson

Banning’s  biggest fraud : Council member Don Robinson


Don Robinson : Military Imposter

2/13/10 – Both Veterans and active duty military personnel  alike take great honor and pride when it comes to their military record.  They have served our country by putting their lives on the line – for that they deserve our highest respect and gratitude.

But occasionally we run across  military imposters who willfully falsify their military record and misrepresent their military career by lying about their accomplishments : one of those despicable individuals is Banning City Council member and confirmed tax dodger Don Robinson : he  has made false claims – under oath – that he underwent training as a Navy S.E.A.L.. As we will show, Robinson’s Navy S.E.A.L. claims  are taken straight from his sworn deposition  and are a complete lie .




A deposition is a sworn testimony transcribed in the presence of a court reporter for use in court at a later date. A deposition is always taken under oath, therefore lying constitutes perjury. Depositions are used as a tool of discovery in legal proceedings.

In order to eliminate the possibility of errors and omissions, the deposed (Robinson) was given the opportunity to review the transcript and make changes  before the transcript takes it’s final form. There is no record of Robinson making any revisions to the transcript and with that the transcript has become a valid, irrefutable record of what was actually said. At this point, any claim of “error” or “misunderstanding” or such can no longer be made.

In this case Robinson was deposed on August 1, 2001 in connection with a lawsuit brought against him for sexual harassment, Euler vs. Robinson (more on this later).



In his deposition Robinson  states :


  • While in the Navy he received specialty training and was part of a “special group” who’s name he can’t recall, ( pg. 26,27)
  • He remembers receiving S.E.A.L. training somewhere in California but does not remember if it was in Northern or Southern California, ( pg. 27 ) interesting, isn’t it – real SEAL’s train in San Diego ! )
  • He underwent the training for the purpose of being assigned to “special operations” in Vietnam, (pg. 30)
  • The type of training he received was not the average training, ( pg. 25)
  • He also received  “gorilla warfare ” training , (pg. 25)


We highly recommend reading his entire deposition – it almost reads like a (cheap) novel ( view deposition transcript  here ). The truth is, of course, that Robinson never received any Navy S.E.A.L. training – he was just an ordinary storekeeper on a Navy ship ( see his resumee ) and was assigned to the CB’s , the Navy’s Construction Battalion. And let’s not forget, Robinson is under oath as he makes up all these lies.



As part of the same sworn testimony Robinson also reveals  :


  • He cannot remember whether or not he was expelled from high school, ( pg. 13) ( oh  brother ! )
  • He attended “continuation high school”, ( pg. 12, 13 )NOTE : usually a type of school attended by dropouts, expelled or juvenile delinquents
  • He cannot remember the name of the “continuation high school” , ( pg. 16 )
  • He left home at age 16, (pg. 12 )
  • He graduated from continuation high school at age 19,  ( pg. 18 )
  • He worked 2 jobs, one as a jockey the other as a hay and sleigh ride operator, ( pg. 15 )
  • While in “high school” he owned a “business” which he closed due to a “disagreement” the details of which he cannot remember, ( pg. 18)

It appears that Robinson has a shady past, the likes of which he prefers not to remember . Was he a juvenile delinquent who could not finish high school in time because he was in jail ?

Whatever the case may be, it  can be assumed that in reality Robinson has no formal education and has just been “blowing smoke” his entire life. But in the age of the internet, getting away with lies is not as easy as it once used to be . Shame on him !   What  honorable Veteran or active duty personnel wouldn’t feel total disgust when hearing this weasel lie ?!

Robinson is not only a tax dodger ( see previous article), but also – as shown above  –  a  liar and a con-artist. Beware of Don Robinson : he is Banning’s biggest fraud !

The art of  ” blowing smoke” has been around for hundreds of years.  The inventors of the device pictured below must  have designed it with someone like Don Robinson in mind :


COMING SOON  –  PART 2 : Accusations of  sexual harassment, a questionable “career”  with “Guide Dogs of the Desert” ( a charity organization) and the earthshaking scandal that followed, as reported by the L.A. Times