EXPOSED: Adam Buchanan

ELECTION SCANDAL : Court records show City Council Candidate Adam Buchanan is a convicted criminal and a Fugitive from Justice


Booking photo of Banning City Council candidate Adam Buchanan after his April 13, 2012 arrest. Photo: Kootenai County Sheriff's Dept. - (click image to enlarge)

9/17/12– 23 year old Adam Buchanan is a new face on Banning’s political scene : Only a couple of months ago, he moved here from Idaho and is now running for Banning City Council.

Two weeks ago, Buchanan received the endorsements of “good-old-boy” Council members Bob Botts and Barbara Hanna. It did not take long for Mayor Don Robinson to soon follow suit .

Court documents obtained by the Banning Informer indicate that Adam Buchanan is a Fugitive from Justice who is evading arrest from the State of Idaho. Buchanan has a criminal record which includes convictions for two DUI’s within the last 12 months.

Buchanan was also convicted of carrying a concealed weapon without permit and charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license. 




Records of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Dept. in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho show an active Arrest Warrant for “Adam Steven Buchanan” : Buchanan is wanted for “Failure to Appear on a DUI”.




Over the past 12 months, Idaho Court records show that Adam Steven Buchanan was arrested twice in the State of Idaho. The record indicates :

A smile of deception: Adam Buchanan's official campaign photo


  • Buchanan was arrested in November of 2011 for DUI and later convicted . His drivers license was revoked, and he was sentenced to 4 days in jail and probation.
  • Buchanan was arrested for a second DUI in April of 2012, while on probation for the first DUI. In August 2012 he plead guilty and was convicted of the second DUI.
  • Buchanan was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon without permit. He plead guilty to this charge as well and was convicted.
  • Buchanan was charged with possession of a controlled substance. This charge was later dropped at the request of the prosecution (indicative of a plea bargain).
  • Buchanan was charged with driving without a license. This charge was later dropped by the prosecution ( indicative of a plea bargain).
  • Buchanan was ordered to undergo a substance abuse evaluation in March of 2012. The results of  this evaluation were ordered sealed by the Court.
  • Buchanan is awaiting sentencing in the near future.


Note : Follow this link to search the Idaho Court website. Click on “Name Search”, then type in his last and first name. In the results page, click on “Case History with ROA’s”.



At a recent Council meeting, Barbara Hanna (L) and Mayor Don Robinson (R) went out of their way to show their full support for Adam Buchanan (C)

With Barbara Hanna leaving the Council, Banning’s remaining good-old-boy cartel  ( Don Robinson and Bob Botts) would have been short one vote in their quest to control the Banning City Council.

With Hanna’s help,  they immediately began searching for a willing replacement : they found it in convicted criminal Adam Buchanan, who they soon began coaching.

Mayor Don Robinson immediately followed suit by publicly patting Buchanan on the back (see photo). This made it clear for everyone : Buchanan was to be installed as their new “man” on the Council.

The Record Gazette recently reported that Bob Botts had praised Adam Buchanan for his “excellent leadership” and his “Vision for our City”.  Botts even referred to Buchanan’s “decision making credentials”  (view endorsement note) .

Barbara Hanna is quoted as saying “I support Adam because he wants to make a difference.  He is willing to learn.”  Really ? His record seems to indicate otherwise.

How can Don Robinson, Bob Botts and Barbara Hanna, those self proclaimed political leaders in Banning, be ignorant of  Buchanan’s apparent criminal background ?



Adam Buchanan after his arrest in 2011 (L) and in 2012(R). Can one look like he does on the right, and serve in the military? - Booking photos: Kootenai County Sheriff's Dept.

Adam Buchanan has made a claim that he is a military “officer” who was “in charge of Northern Idaho” (view his candidate statement). Bob Botts was quick to repeat this claim. Buchanan says he received an honorable discharge in June of 2012 .

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department has released two mugshots of Adam Buchanan. The first one was taken at the time of his DUI arrest in November of 2011.

The second one was taken after his subsequent arrest for a second DUI in April of 2012. This arrest also resulted in a concealed weapons charge, a possession of controlled substance charge and a driving without a license charge.

When we compare photos, we can see a clean cut Buchanan in the 2011 booking photo. His appearance is consistent with someone in military service.

In the 2012 mugshot , however, Buchanan looks unkept, and has an unshaven look.  Can you look like Buchanan in the photo on the right and be on active duty in the military ?

This booking photo raises serious questions about Buchanan’s military service in April of 2012. Is Adam Buchanan yet another Don Robinson, who has (falsely) sworn having received training as a “Navy Seal” (story)? The two seem to get along exceptionally well (see above pic) ....



Adam Buchanan is running for Banning City Council while he continues to evade arrest in Idaho. Court records show that his drivers license has been suspended. Is he driving around Banning without a license too – possibly even intoxicated ?

There you have it folks. Same old story. Welcome to Banning, where corruption continues to feed on itself …. Banning is so corrupt that now even crooked candidates from out of State will move here – just to run for election.

There are only 2 candidates on the November ballot that we can recommend without any reservations : they are Dr. Edward Miller and ret. Police Sergeant Don Peterson. Do not be deceived by imposters.


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