Botts,Hanna,Robinson:”Smoke and Mirrors”

Botts, Hanna, Robinson : “Smoke and Mirrors”


8/20/10 – Would City Council members Bob Botts, Barbara Hanna and Don Robinson ever use outright lies and deception in order to justify their actions ?  Let’s take a look ….

BOTTS and his sidekick ROBINSON could not care less what the Grand Jury says. They even consider cutting police officers so they can give more money to the Cultural Alliance

We all know that the Grand Jury asked the City Council to “cease and desist” providing any more funding to the Banning Cultural Alliance. But  Botts, Hanna, Robinson – acting as an “arrogant trio” – have indicated that they will not abide by any of the Grand Jury recommendations : only a few weeks ago they gave yet another $ 111,500.00 of your hard earned tax dollars to the unaccountable Banning Cultural Alliance, while at the same time considering to cut police officers.

It has long been established that all three have close ties to this parasitic, ACORN-like organization (view previous article). Mind you, the Cultural Alliance pretends to be focused on “art”, but in reality has a political agenda which is focused on supporting the candidacies of Bob Botts, Barbara Hanna and  Don “taxdodger“ Robinson .  The Banning Cultural Alliance functions as a taxpayer funded “shadow government”, without providing any checks and balances.



As their favorite justification for funding ( a total of almost $ 1,000,000.00 went to the Cultural Alliance to date) the three are quick to point to the newly planned Banning Court facility : Hanna, Botts and Robinson all have supported claims that the new Court facility would not have located to Banning if it wasn’t for the efforts of the Banning Cultural Alliance.

Listen to Barbara Hanna stating that she is “certain” of the this :

By default, anytime Botts, Hanna or Robinson state that they are “certain” of anything, the Banning Informer takes a second look.  As you would expect, a research of public record now exposes this claim as yet another complete hoax.



The government agency that is responsible for the construction of Court facilities is the Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts, located in San Francisco, CA. We contacted  them and asked them for any documentation that would support that the Banning Cultural Alliance contributed in any way to the Administrative Office’ decision to locate to Banning  (view request for public records). The State agency has responded to our public record request (view agency response). The response by the  administration indicates the following :


  • There is no record of even a single phone call at any time between anyone from the Banning  Cultural Alliance and the State of California, Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Not a single letter, email , fax or any other form of written correspondence has ever been exchanged between the Banning Cultural Alliance and the Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Not a single meeting has ever taken place at any time between representatives of the Banning Cultural Alliance and representatives of the Administrative Office of the Courts
  • The State of California has no record whatsoever that would indicate that the Banning Cultural Alliance has influenced their decision to locate the Court to Banning
Many faces - one ugly agenda : Hanna deceived an unsuspecting public

Many faces - same ugly agenda : BARBARA HANNA deceived an unsuspecting public

Apparently the only time the Banning Cultural Alliance was ever involved in anything related to the Banning Court was when a Alliance representative attended one single online “web conference” in 2009. However, the “web conference” was not hosted by the Administration but rather by the Architect of the building ; it was open to all interested parties and had 17 attendees. There is no record of the Alliance making any contribution whatsoever to the “web conference”( view conference record ). Other than this attendance the record shows that the Banning Cultural Alliance had absolutely no involvement.


CONCLUSION : Given the evidence, it is nothing short of preposterous to suggest that the Banning Cultural Alliance was somehow instrumental in bringing the Court to Banning. All Council members know full well that the Court would have come to Banning with or without the Banning Cultural Alliance.

But Barbara Hanna says she is “certain”.  If anyone can be “certain” now, it is the public :  once again, they have been played for suckers by this arrogant trio .